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Renegade Pulling

Greene County Fair
Pickaway County Fair
Xenia Charity
Darke County
Logan County Fair
Franklin County Fair
Union County Fair
Greene County Fair
Ross County Fair

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Xenia 5800 Buckeye TWD
1) Gary Davis Chilli-town Hustler II- Chevy
2) Marshall Foiles- Back N Black- Chevy
3) John Yost - Midnight Rose - Chevy
4) Carla Davis Chilli-towm Hustler I - Chevy
5) Chris Evard - Renagade - Chevy
6) Steve Reinke - Hooters - Chevy
7) Steve Brown - Double Shot - Chevy

On the first hook, the bottom hitch was used instead of the top hitch.  That is why the truck did not move.  The sled was reset ontop of the dirt pile the truck had just dug up.  The sled was reset and the pass was made.  The sled was reset and came back for the sled was reset and the second pass was made.  Still trying to get the truck bugs worked out.

 Member BMTPA TWD Pulling